Tax Returns! Unfortunately, a necessary evil.

Self Assessment Tax Returns

We know completing and submitting your Tax Return probably isn’t at the forefront of your mind but it doesn’t go away and ignoring a notice can only lead to one thing...... PENALTIES.

The Self Assessment Tax Return filing deadline is 31 January every year. This may seem a long way away, but it really isn’t and sneaks up on you faster than you think.

Late filing penalties start at £100.00 and can increase up to a current maximum of £1,600 per tax year. These are not figures tax payers want to hear especially in cases where their tax liabilities are minimal.

At VT Accountancy, we offer an extensive Tax Return submission service whether it is a personal, partnership or Trust Tax Return. We do everything in our power to ensure that your Tax Return is completed and filed with the Revenue before the deadline.

What expenses can I claim:

Many of our new clients have missed out on allowable expenses because they are unsure about the expenses they can claim. Many clients are nervous of HMRC and therefore claim less than they are entitled to be on the safe side!
We will take time to understand your business enabling us to offer valuable advice on tax allowable expenditure individual to your business.